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Q-Switch 532nm/1064nm Pigment Laser

What is it?

Q-switch laser is the ideal lunchtime laser for common pigmentation and aging problems.  Q-switch laser has been proven to erase hyperpigmentation with low downtime.

Who is it for?

Patient with sun spot, post-inflammation skin darkening, freckles and melasma but did not get satifactory result with pigment lightening cream and sun protection.

Patient with nevus of ota, nevus of ito as well as hori’s nevus can achive complete or almost complete clearance with a few sessions of laser treatment.

Anyone who desires a lighter skin tone or suffers from irregular pigmentation of the skin.

How does it feel like?

The laser can be operated at different mode based on the nature of the pigmentation. Generally treatment feels like rubber band snapping on the skin. If required, local anaesthetic cream can be applied to the skin prior to the laser treatment. Patients unsually find the sensation comforable.

How long does it take?

15-20 minutes

Are there any immediate side effect?

There is almost no downtime for Q switch laser and you can expect to return to your daily activities and work without interruptions.
Erythema (skin redness) is expected after Q switch laser and this usually fades in a maximum of 1 hour. You can choose to apply makeup after laser
Urticaria (hives) can occur occasionally and this can be reversed with medications.

What are the anticipated result?

You should expect to see results- lightened pigmentation, smaller pores and better pimple control- within 3 to 4 weeks of commencing laser treatment.

Recommended course for optimal result.

Treatment course depends on nature of pigmentation. Freckles and sun spot will usually require 1-3 treatments.

Nevus of Ota, Nevus of Ito and Hori’s nevus will require 3-6 treatments. The pigment will get lighter with each treatment session.

Melasma will lighten with each session. Usually 10 session will give you optimal result. However, Melasma will require maintenance treatment once a month.

How much does it cost?

In a package, each laser session will cost $100 to $300.

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