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Botox®, Dysport™, Xeomin for Wrinkles

What are they?

Botox (Allergan), Dysport (Ipsen), and Xeomin (Merz) are all injectable nerve modulator, meaning they can temporarily reduce the activity of targeted muscle, reducing contraction-induced wrinkles.

Each brand has a slightly different formulation of the same substance, Botulinum Toxin A. They all work the same way, blocking the nerve impulses of the injected muscles to temporarily reduce muscle movements that cause wrinkles. Most common treatment targets are horizontal lines across the forehead and perpendicular frown lines between the brows (also called “The Elevens”). Others commonly treated areas include crow’s feet, nasal squint lines, lines around the neck, eyebrow lifting, and even profuse underarm sweating and migraines.

Naturally, when there is reduction in nervous stimulation of targeted muscle, the muscle will undergo a process call atrophy ( reduction in muscle size ). This concept is used in body sculpturing including reducing the size of jaw muscle for a V shaped face as well as reducing the size of muscle bebind our leg to give skinny legs.

In addition, recent studies show that Dysport and Xeomin cause collagen producing cells  in our body to contact within 1 to 8 hours. By injecting the drugs on the periphery of the face, it produces a rapid face lift due to cellular contraction. This technique is suitable for patients who require immediate subtle face lift.

Dysport is thought to have a little bit more diffusion, which is better for correcting extensive crow’s feet because it has a more even distribution. However if a small correction of a rogue wrinkle is needed, Botox is usually preferred. In general all three of them all interchangeably

  • When administered properly, the effects are confined to the injection zone and do not affect the surrounding areas or travel around the body, as commonly feared.

By reducing the intensity and frequency of contraction-induced wrinkles, these treatments also prevent the formation of deeper lines in the long run, making them an increasingly popular anti-aging strategy.


Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are safe for all skin types and skin colors. However, people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any neurological diseases should not use these injectables unless approved by a qualified cosmetic doctor.

What should I expect during the treatment?

During the treatment, Ice will be used to numb each injection point beforehand. A very fine needle is injected into each specific muscle for a few seconds with only the minor discomfort of a tiny pinch.  For ultra-sensitive types, topical anesthetic cream can be applied beforehand if necessary.


15 to 20 minutes


You may experience slight redness or swelling at the injection sites, but only momentarily, so you can go about your normal activities immediately after receiving treatment.  Uncommonly, you may also have slight bruising at the injection site, but nothing that a little concealer can’t hide.


You should notice smoother, more wrinkle-free skin within 2 to 3 days post injection, but the full effects won’t appear for about 2 weeks. It may take as long as a month for results to peak on areas with stronger muscles, particularly in men.

At full throttle, your skin will feel smoothed and lifted, with a more youthful and awakened appearance.  These results tend to last 4 to 6 months, at which point the muscle movement gradually returns and the wrinkles and lines start to reappear, but often less severe than before because the muscle is being trained to relax more.


For optimal results, schedule touch-ups every 4 to 6 months, according to how your skin responds to the treatment. The good news: intervals between treatments may widen over time because your muscles will become more relaxed and require less maintenance.



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